Mission & Vision

As a Christ-centered institution of higher learning,
Underwood University seeks to reflect God’s teaching, wisdom and love in all that we do;
to teach and inspire students to become preeminent professionals in their chosen careers;
and to foster selfless leaders for our communities and society at large.

Institutional Goals

  • Produce professionally competent, creative, and community-minded graduates.
  • Provide a learning environment that meets current academic standards and fosters intellectual innovation among faculty and students.
  • Offer a Christ-centered learning experience.
  • Network, partner with, and engage churches, citizens, businesses, and governmental entities to enhance the development, careers, and service opportunities of our graduates and alumni.
  • Be a model of an efficiently-managed and financially ethical Christ-centered institution of higher education.

Core Values

  • Advance knowledge, truth and professional skills for the welfare of humanity.
  • Seek to find personal and professional fulfillment in serving the community and society at large.
  • Identify the needs of others and utilize the knowledge and professional skills to fulfill those needs.
  • Cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships between and among the administration, faculty, students and alumni.
  • Respect and love for human diversity is key to creating a more harmonious and effective society at large.
  • Honesty is the cornerstone for developing a successful career and fulfilling life.

Philosophy of Education

Underwood University believes that it is incumbent upon an institution of higher learning to cultivate the whole person; not merely to pass along knowledge, but to instill a sense of social responsibility and the desire to use one’s education as a force for good. Our students gain the education that they need both to be ambassadors of God’s Word and professionals of the highest caliber. We send our graduates out into the world with the desire to make society better, more humane, and more just.

Biblical Foundations Statement

  • We believe in the divine inspiration and power of the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, and it is our guide in all matters.
  • We believe in the triune Godhead: one eternal, transcendent, omnipotent, personal God existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe God the Father, the first person of the Divine Trinity; sovereign and eternal, who is worthy of honor, adoration, and obedience.
  • We believe that divinity and humanity are united in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of mankind, who gave his life that we may be forgiven our sins and become worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead, who dwells within and seals all believers in Christ. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to all believers, through which they may come to a deeper understanding of God and can help bring the light of Christ to the world
  • We believe in the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world, through His physical death, burial, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Christ is the key to our salvation, and only through him may we enter the Kingdom of God. The sacrifice, death and resurrection of Christ redeemed humanity from the eternal penalty of sin, through the grace of God.
  • We believe in the return of Christ to earth to judge and purge sin, to establish His eternal Kingdom, and to consummate and fulfill His purposes in the works of creation and redemption with eternal rewards and punishments.
  • We believe that it is the purpose of the faithful Christian to imitate Christ insofar as we are able; to serve others with love and compassion, to concern ourselves with the well-being of our fellows, to love and honor God as our Father and Creator, and to follow His calling through the Holy Spirit.
    We follow the command of Christ found in Matthew 22: 37-39:

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.
And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

While Underwood University is a faith-based Christian institute of higher learning, it maintains no official denominational affiliation.

Ethical Standards

Underwood University shall always strive to glorify and love God in all its endeavors. In furtherance of our stated Mission and Institutional Goals, the Board of Directors of Underwood University has resolved to adopt the following Ethical Standards which shall be applicable to and adhered to by all members of the University, including all full and part-time employees, faculty, officers, administrators and the Board of Directors.

  • Honesty
    Underwood University recognizes that God is the ultimate judge of our intentions and actions. Worldly reputation and temporal recognition are mere derivatives of our earnest prayer to be judged by God with mercy and love. Therefore, as members of the University, we shall always be honest in our intentions and actions toward ourselves, students, and all those with whom we communicate. All records and data shall be created and maintained honestly and with the highest level of integrity and competence by the University.
  • Mercy
    Underwood University recognizes that we are all sinners whose lives are redeemed solely by God’s mercy and Christ’s blood. Members of the University shall always look upon themselves and those around them with a merciful demeanor and be spiritually prepared to forgive others as God has forgiven them.
  • Financial Responsibility And Transparency
    Underwood University recognizes that all material and financial resources are given to us by God’s Providence and Grace. Therefore, every member of the University shall always be transparent in handling matters of finance and in the use of University resources.
  • Avoidance Of Conflict Of Interest
    Underwood University recognizes that excessive personal profit and individual gain must be avoided in all affairs of the University. We exist to serve and to create servant leaders, not to gain wealth. All potential conflicts of interest Standard must therefore be fully disclosed to the Board of Directors.
  • Compliance With The Law
    Underwood University recognizes that adherence to these Standards clearly must lead to full compliance with all Federal, State and local laws regarding governance, operation and financial filing requirements. The University shall therefore strive to continually update its knowledge of these laws and maintain the highest level of compliance with them.
  • Violation Of Ethical Standards
    Underwood University recognizes that we must be ever-vigilant regarding violations of these Ethical Standards. All violations must be reported to the office of the President, initially as confidential communication, and then reviewed and investigated by the Institutional/Legal Compliance Committee. All final adjudication on violations shall be made by the Board of Directors upon recommendation by the Chair of the Institutional/Legal Compliance Committee.

Fair Business Practices And Truth In Advertising Standards

Underwood University follows business practice and advertising standards that enhance the school’s credibility and integrity. Section 5(a) of the Federal Trade Commission Act 15 USC §45 prohibits “unfair or deceptive acts of commerce.” This includes deceptive or misleading advertising. Underwood University therefore pledges not to engage in such advertising. All UU marketing is closely vetted to ensure its accuracy and veracity. This policy applies to online, broadcast, and print advertising.