Transfer Student Admissions

Students transferring from an accredited or otherwise officially recognized college or university must follow the general application policies and procedures:

Transfer from Accredited Institutions

An official transcript from the institution attended showing satisfactory course completion is required. Transfer hours are not accepted into non-degree programs or for courses that do not meet UU program requirements. Accepted transfer credits based on a quarter system rather than a semester system will be converted at a 67% equivalency rate, rounded to the nearest whole number. As noted above, no more than 75% of the overall credits towards a degree may be transfer credits. Accreditation status and faculty qualifications of the institution, course content correspondence and the instructional level of courses taken will also be considered. Credit will not be awarded for ability-to-benefit learning, prior experiential learning, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exemptions, etc. A student may appeal a denial of credit transfer to the Office of Admissions if the student feels that all information was not taken into account, but must be prepared to defend his or her position with new information pertinent to the denial. Appeals that do not provide new information will not be considered.

Transfer from Unaccredited Institutions

Credits earned at unaccredited institutions will not be automatically rejected, but applications from students wishing to transfer credits to Underwood from unaccredited institutions must undergo additional evaluations. The UU Admissions Committee will look at these criteria, in addition to the standard application criteria:

  • Evaluation of the institution’s catalog
  • Authorization or official exemption of the institution by its home state
  • Evaluation of faculty credentials
  • Assessment of course content and level of instruction

Underwood University reserves the right to refuse admittance to transfer applicants whose previous institutions do not meet UU standards or that are considered by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) to be “diploma/degree mills.”

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