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Mark your calendars! UU Office will be closed in the May 27, 2024, in observation of the Memorial Day Holiday.

Underwood University is pleased to announce the officers of the Student Government Association for 2023-2024! 

From left to right: Zahir Lalani (Vice President), Salma Jiwani (Secretary), and Rizwan Bhanvadia (President). Watch for more SGA announcements coming soon!


This Spring semester, after three years of online-only classes, Underwood University will be returning to in-person classes! We look forward to seeing all of our students face-to-face again!


Mr. Richard Yoon, Esq., President of Underwood University, has been elected to serve on the Accreditation Commission of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS). Mr. Yoon will serve a term of three years, beginning July 1, 2021. Underwood was granted fully-accredited status by TRACS in 2019, and Mr. Yoon’s election to the Commission demonstrates the faith that TRACS has in him and in his leadership. We hope that you will join all of us at Underwood in congratulating Mr. Yoon for this achievement, and in praying for his continued success, and that of our institution. The formal announcement of Mr. Yoon’s election may be found on the TRACS website at

The 11th Korean Christian Academic Awards ceremony

The 11th Korean Christian Academic Awards ceremony was held. This year’s winners were selected by President Seok-Jun Yoon, founder of Hudson Taylor University and Underwood University, USA. Dr. Heung-soon Lee, chairman of the Korean Academy of Christian Studies, delivered the tribute, saying, “President Yoon is active all over the world, including the United States and Asia, and is practicing the gospel movement through educational missionary work.” INT President Seok-Jun Yoon / Korea Christian Academy. I hope it will be an opportunity to share the vision that God has granted me with you and work together toward that vision for the kingdom of God.