PHD In Intercultural Global Leadership

The PhDIGL program focuses on enhancing the professional competencies necessary for providing leadership in a wide variety of transnational, intercultural business and educational organizations. The program is grounded in a biblically based curriculum and is designed for Christian leaders whose work in an ecumenical environment or global business enterprise necessitates a higher level of skill in intercultural relations.

Program Objectives

Students who complete the PhDIGL program will

  1. acquire comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge of Intercultural Studies leading to production of new and original understandings and theoretical constructs and their culturally appropriate applications;
  2. demonstrate competency in and knowledge of global leadership, including how to manage intercultural groups and facilitate cooperation between members of such groups through understanding and compassion;
  3. produce a research dissertation and an empirical research article, both appropriate to the level of a PhD degree, based on rigorous scholarship, and suitable for publication; and
  4. be equipped with the skills necessary for involvement in service of multinational organizations and professional leadership.

Program Requirements

Foundational Courses and Electives 40 Credits
Dissertation Courses (Proposal, Field Research, and Writing)      20 Credits
Total  60 Credits
Program Director: Dr. Si Ha Yoo
Program Coordinators: Rev. Jung Suk Kim, Rev. Dong Kuk Kim


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