Master Of
Fine Arts

The MFA program at Underwood University will provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to advance in the professional art realm by improving their research and analysis skills, knowledge of artists and art history throughout the world, and practical applications in the form of art creation. Ourgoal is to produce graduates who have a greater understanding of the effect art and art professionals have on all communities on a global scale, past, present and future.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Master of Fine Arts program are to help students to:

    1. advance students’ understanding of art and artists through research and graduate-level portfolio production;
    2. teach advanced practical concepts in fine art and give students the skills to create art with meaningful subject matter;
    3. enhance appreciation of the way art intersects with disciplines ranging from anthropology and sociology to history, philosophy, and theology;
    4. provide students with the knowledge and vocabulary to critically interpret the artwork of others as well as their own;
    5. inspire students to express themselves, their cultures, and their artistic experiences as selfless leaders, and to use their God-given talents in the service of humanity


Program Requirements

Major Core Courses 32 Credits
Elective Courses 28 Credits
Total        60 Credits


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