Master Of Arts
in Intercultural Leadership 

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership degree program is for those who want to deepen their understanding of cross-cultural perspectives and to develop an analytical approach to historical and contemporary issues in intercultural exchange. It is designed to equip students to work and communicate effectively in intercultural situations, and to increase intercultural competence and understanding in our increasingly globalised world.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership program are to help students to

  1. enable students to form an integrated and culturally competent perspective on society, culture, and the world by examining and understanding the views of others
  2. generate understanding of the importance of culture on global issues in terms of arts, anthropology, and sociology
  3. to cultivate a respectful, tolerant, and sensitive attitude to other cultures through analysis of cultural interactions and differences, and to understand how leadership is viewed differently around the world
  4. to provide opportunities for critical analysis of and reflection on interculturalism and cultural exchange as enriching lives through exposure to theories of intercultural relations, philosophies, and conflicts, and how to mediate such exchanges through selfless leadership.

Program Requirements

Major Core Courses 24 Credits
Major Elective Courses 24 Credits
Total        48Credits


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