Bachelor of Business Administration

The art of management and that of communicating financial information have become increasingly challenging in a dynamic global economy. Underwood University’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree program provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of business management as well as in accounting, economics, and general studies. Through a combination of core in leadership, management, and marketing, students are prepared for a wide range of career opportunities available to business professionals. This 120 credit-hour program emphasizes core competencies in critical thinking, communication, and other business managerial/leadership qualities throughout its curriculum

Undergraduate Studies

The objectives of the Bachelor of Business Administration program are to help students to:

  1. understand the environment and operations of an organization and be able to apply business-related analytical too;
  2. use of logic and critical thinking skills in the business fields;
  3. create and deliver quality business presentations that exibit competence in content, technology, verbal and non-verbal presentation skills,organization, and clarity
  4. preparation and communication of marketing strategy and strategic business management and leadership;
  5. Identification and analysis of ethical issues in business and global business.

Program Requirements

University Core Courses 3 Credits
General Education Courses  30 Credits
General Departmental Elective Courses 27 Credits
Major Core Courses 45 Credits
Major Elective Courses 15 Credits
Total 120 Credits


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