Bachelor Of Arts
in Intercultural Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Leadership degree program is for those who want to deepen their understanding of intercultural issues and cross-cultural perspectives; and develop skills in leadership in intercultural contexts. The program explores the increasingly frequent intersection of cultures in today’s world, while instilling in students the qualities of respect and justice necessary for leaders in intercultural situations.  

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Leadership program are to help students to 

  1. develop and demonstrate an increased understanding of different cultures, their social customs, and their peoples through an understanding of history, anthropology, and sociology 
  2. comprehend the importance of diversity and inclusion in an increasingly global and multicultural environment 
  3. be able to analyze the complexities of relationships between cultures, including racism, communications issues, human rights, and social justice 
  4. apply learned leadership skills to the mitigation of issues in cross-cultural dynamics, from the personal to the group level, with compassion, respect, sensitivity, and cultural awareness. 

Program Requirements

General Education Courses   33 Credits
General Departmental Elective Courses 27 Credits
Major Core Courses 45 Credits
Major Elective Courses 15 Credits
Total   120 Credits


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