Bachelor of Arts in Korean Studies    Korean Language Concentration

Underwood University’s Bachelor of Arts in Korean Studies is a four-year, 120-credit-hour program designed for students with an interest in the language, history, and culture of Korea. Korea has become a large and growing force in global business, economics, athletics, and cultural influence. Interest in Korean culture is at an all-time high, and Korean businesses and manufacturing are becoming a major part of the US and world economies. The BAKS program allows students to explore this interest while preparing them for work or further study in Korean language, history, or culture. The degree program has two concentrations: Korean Language and Taekwondo.



Program Objectives

The objectives of the Korean Language Concentration of the BAKS program are to help students to:

    1. understand and be able to use spoken and written Korean at an advanced level suitable for both social and business interaction;
    2. demonstrate academic knowledge and understanding of Korean language, history, and culture;
    3. analyze aspects of Korean society through the study of media, texts, and artifacts;
    4. be prepared for graduate-level study in Korean studies, for work in Korean businesses or for life and work in Korea;



Program Requirements

University Core Courses 3 Credits
General Education Courses 30 Credits
Korean Studies Major Core Courses  24 Credits
Korean Studies Major Elective Courses 6 Credits
Korean Language Concentration Core   27 Credits
Korean Language Concentration Electives
30 Credits
Total        120Credits